Monday, September 26, 2011

TUESDAY 20th SEPTEMBER 2011 (Night packing)

We had a lazy day, basically recovering from the HUGE weekend in Mandello.

It was a beautiful day which made it easy to clean all our camping equipment and do some washing.

Paul fixed the dent in the sidecar (where it lurched into a stone wall at St. Goar without us!)

We'd decided what to do with the bike. We needed to take it (her) to the Zundapp specialist holus-bolus and have them look at the engine. We knew what the results would be but best to have her dismantled where spares were readily accessible.

It was arranged that we would borrow Tobi's dad's car (a Pontiac wagon) and use Tobi's trailer to take Brunhilda to Kamphausen.

We drove to WILDENHOLZ and had dinner with Ulla, Tobi's mum. She made a great spread of traditional German fare for us - sausage, mashed potato and sauerkraut.

We then borrowed Rudi's car and drove back to Crailsheim to load the bike on the trailer.

It wasn't easy getting Brunhilda on the trailer. She weighs a ton. Just when we needed an extra pair of hands two neighbours, Juergen & Karl, popped over which made the job easier.

The bike is securely tied down and we are set for an early departure in the morning.

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