Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WEDNESDAY 7th SEPTEMBER 2011 (Christmas all year)

Most of today was spent with Paul working on Brunhilda.

Basically checking the bike in general. There's not much that can be done until the clutch parts arrive in the post.

Chris McARDLE (our friend from Melbourne) arrived at Tobi & Christine's mid-afternoon. Chris is a whirlwind and it's always good to catch up.

When Christine returned from work at 4.30pm Paul & I drove with her to ROTHENBURG ob der TAUBER to see the ancient walled city which encloses magnificent medieval buildings.

If you're a movie buff you might recognise it as the village depicted in the 1968 movie 'Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang'.

Luckily for us we went late in the day. It's a popular tourist attraction and thousands visit each day. Most had left by the time we arrived and so we got to enjoy the quiet, empty streets.

A world-wide attraction in this village is Kathe WOHLFAHRT's Christmas shop.

We assumed it would have heaps of decorations (and stuff) but had no idea that the displays would be so incredibly beautiful.

I've always wanted to experience a 'white' Christmas and if this is as close as it comes then I've nearly had that dream come true.

What an amazing shop - we spent a long time looking at everything. They even had Santa's riding motorcycle outfits.

Of course we had to have our photo taken with 'The Nutcracker'.

The whole village was like being in a story-book, made all the better by the lack of people about.

The walled city is one of the few remaining original villages that weren't destroyed in the wars.

Car transport is very limited within the city walls which gives it a timeless atmosphere. You can almost hear the horse and carriages on the cobblestones.

You can imagine being a child again when visiting this place.

Just so beautiful.

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