Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WEDNESDAY 24th AUGUST 2011 (Lazy day)

We made the decision to stay another day so we could see Rainer. A bit silly traveling a few million kilometers and miss out on seeing him by a few hours!

Gaby & Hendrick left early for work which left us in Svenja's hands. She is traveling to Australia in a month so it was a good opportunity for her to practice her English.

After lunch we went for a walk around the fields and enjoyed being out in the open country.
Later in the afternoon we drove to WILKIN (Transport Company) to collect Rainer and see where he works.

It was definitely worth waiting an extra day to catch up. A traditional afternoon of caffee & kuchen was shared with the whole family, including Bluna the guard dog.

The whole family were then shuffled in to two cars and away we drove to BUER to watch Hendrick play soccer. Apparently Gaby is the worse soccer Mum in Germany as far as loud motherly supporters are concerned but she was well behaved on this evening, even when Hendrick scored a goal.
We've never watched a soccer game before and quite enjoyed it. Hendricks (red) team won easily and everyone was proud of him.

For us it was great to share a little bit of Rainer's life 26 years on from our original meeting.

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