Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TUESDAY 6th SEPTEMBER 2011 (Dismantle)

Paul began the day by making a clutch compressor out of scraps lying about.

Everything takes time but hey, we're on holidays...we have all the time in the world...!!!

Tobi spent the morning making a new shed roof before he had to leave for the Black Forest for work.

With it being Autumn here the weather is very changeable. One minute it's a glorious blue sky, then the wind picks up and the rain comes. It passes quickly and becomes quite humid.

Before long it will be winter and with that comes lots of snow. So it's important that any spare time is used preparing the shed and yard for the coming winter.

With the bike being slowly dismantled further it's looking less likely we'll be on the road soon!

The clutch push rod was far too short and it was evident the ball at one end had welded to the rod.

Paul spent a fair bit of time reading

H-P HOMMES' book on KS 750's. It's great to get a new (old) bike but it is risky heading off into the never-never without knowing much about them. On the other hand, by getting out and about the bike soon teaches you all you need to know (whether you want to or not!)!

A list of parts needed was rung through to Simon (at HOMMES'). He had what we needed to fix the clutch and will post them tomorrow.

There is a second-hand car yard one block away. On our way to the bakery a couple of days ago we noticed this Ural in the yard. We looked at each other, said nothing, and kept walking.

However, today we had a closer look at it. It's obviously been sitting in the one spot for ages, is rusted through in places, in bad condition ... BUT ... the salesman told us how good it was and how well she goes! Of course we pretended to believe him and couldn't get out of there quick enough. The salesman wanted 1,400 Euro's for it.

AND NO...this is NOT, I repeat NOT, our backup plan!

Back to the shed to continue checking bit's'n'pieces on the bike.

I'm sure Paul is finding more than he wants to. He's quiet and has a stern look on his face!


  1. Back to the Ukraine "eat this, go here" Kerry, or hasn't it reached that stage yet :-)

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