Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MONDAY 22nd AUGUST 2011 (Zundapp registration)

We had a very early start as we needed to be in Paderborn, in line at the registration building by 8.00am. It was quite a drive as we drove around the outer ring road of Paderborn. If we didn't get there when business opened the office becomes very busy and congested as the day goes on and the wait times can be extraordinarily long.

We needed to arrange export registration and a green card for insurance. One room led to another and another and then we were in the room where they make the number plates - right before our very eyes. We thought we could get customized numbers but somehow it all got lost in translation and we ended up with the number plate PB 839K. We could only get a three-month rego at a cost of 360 Euro's (ouch) and then we were handed the very large number plate.

It was back in the car to race home and fit the number plate to the motorcycle and then return to the very same building with the bike (you can't take the bike to the building without a fixed number plate!).

The bike then underwent an inspection to make sure the engine and frame numbers match the paper work and then a red circular sticker was placed on the plate which sees us officially legit.

From here we went to ZOLL, the Deutsch Customs, to prepare our export documents in advance. Again, one building led to another and back again. Initially we were told that it was not possible (have we heard that before ?) but upon further enquiry all was well and the initial 'Approval to Export' papers were drawn which should make it a little easier for us when we ship the bike home.

We now have registration, insurance and permission to export. We are lucky, the Zundapp is 69-and-a-half years old, if it was over 70 years it would cost us a lot more.

It was back home for a quiter afternoon - or what was left of it. The family went about their business and we wandered down to the village to find a bank and have a bit more of a look around.

The old buildings and homes are really beautiful and so different to anything in Australia. The roofs have quite a steep pitch to enable the heavy snowfalls to fall off rather than weight down the roof and risk collapse. Everything is built so strongly.

On our walk we found the establishment of the local motorcycle club - 'DANGER FREAKS'. Despite the name they are apparently a good bunch of people.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent figuring out how to pack our belongings on the bike. Paul also tried out the machine gun for size but unfortunately we can't take that home!

A family barbecue was organized for the evening meal. The evenings were just lovely and much too nice to be indoors. Uwe was funny as everyone declined more beers (Krombacher Pils) but he still opened more bottles and gave them to everyone.

The time came to say goodnight. We were half packed and set for our departure in the morning.

We've grown to really like Uwe, Beate, Lea & Luis. They really are lovely people and have shown us so much kindness in our short stay and in getting the bike prepared for it's forthcoming journey.

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