Thursday, September 15, 2011

FRIDAY 9th SEPTEMBER 2011 (Lack of progress)

I woke feeling LOUSY. I had a temperature and was sick so went back to bed.
I can't blame the cooking because I cooked the last two nights!

I got up to see Chris off. He's making his way to England as he ships his bike and himself back to Melbourne next week.

Back to bed for me I'm afraid.

Paul spent the day in the shed and began to worry more about the mechanical aspects of Brunhilda. He spent a good deal of time measuring and checking the clutch mechanism but didn't find anything obvious.

As the diff was re-installed Paul discovered that there was no drive between the input shaft and diff to the rear wheel. He then started to get VERY concerned about what else might be wrong!

Tobi & Christine took Paul out to the local motorcycle clubs Friday night dinner at WALLHAUSEN. About 20 members turned up which is pretty good when you consider they get together every Friday night. The club is MFHC (Motorbike Friends Hohenlohe Crailsheim).

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