Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MONDAY 5th SEPTEMBER 2011 (Investigation)

Both Tobi & Christine had already left for work when we woke.

There was a bakery just down the road so we got some fresh rolls for breakfast and walked to the supermarket to get a few grocery items.

Once the tummy had been attended our minds turned to the problem parked up at the shed.

First thing we did was set the tarp up over the timber rails. It was still threatening rain and we didn't want the exposed bits on the bike to get wet.

Paul began the dismantling process to see what could be discovered.

Not his favourite pastime but a necessary one.

He soon learnt the Zunda was built like a brick dunny. Everything is heavy and strong.

The sidecar was removed and the back wheel taken out.

When Tobi returned from work he took his two bikes out of the shed and he and Paul pushed the Zundapp into the shed and up on to the workbench. It will be much easier to work on and who knows what is yet to be found wrong in the engine department!

More dismantling was done until we got to the clutch. Paul then made a special clutch puller to remove the plates.

The problem with the clutch was found - pushrod too short - but why?

A fair bit of investigation and reading was done to work out the configuration of the bike and how she works.

We can't believe our luck (!) breaking down in a town where we have friends. Paul has tools at his disposal, a dry shed and a great bakery down the road. Breakdowns don't come much better than that!


  1. Can't believe how clean the clutch area of you engine is.

    If this were a BMW or a Guzzi, I would be looking at through out bearing, but you will already know that Paul.

    Have fun

  2. Dunno about being better designed than BMW, as they were specially built for the wermacht by bm any way. 0ver 70 % of the parts are interchangable wit the bm,and the sidecar drive should be all compatible! i would'ave thought that the clutch pushrod, and all that thrust stuff shouldave been accessible from the rear of the g'box,on the newer ones you can pull it all out with long nosed pliers, and if the rod is broken, just stick a ball down there with a heap of grease like an old bsa.I rode a modern bmw like this for years, cause i couldnt afford the expensive thrust bearing crap.
    You should be able to get the old war manual for the wartime outfits, it covers bmw and zundapp and has all the pics. good luck, Marts