Thursday, September 8, 2011

FRIDAY 26th AUGUST 2011 (Kampenhausen to Junkernhees)

Our day began with Horst, our host, congratulating us on our method of transport. We had a lovely stay at Landgasthof Kelzenburg, a great feed and enjoyed some good music but it was now time to go. Horst wished us a "good fahrt" which impressed us immensely.

We went straight to H-P HOMMES Zundapp shop in Kampenhausen. It wasn't hard to find with a huge photo of Peter's KS750 on the gate.

Unfortunately for us Hans-Peter was in Spain but fortunately Simon, the shop manager, was about and was able to check the bike for us.
The bike is performing well but it's noisy and the gear change mechanism is mechanically deafening. Simon and his off-sider Josef took it for a ride and came back with the pleasing report that all was NORMAL. The muffler cover was tightened to quieten some of the noise and we were given the thumbs up.

We then spent some time in the parts room and were impressed by the amount of stuff available for these old bikes. Paul got a few parts and fitted them to the bike - spark plugs, fuel cap rubber and a wingnut dipstick.

Simon had to leave for Holland to service a customer's bike (we're not that far from the border) and that was our cue to make tracks. Back to POLO to get some dubbin for the leather bags which badly needed protecting.

We feel now that we are officially on holidays with everything checked out.

Back on the autobahn to avoid the same three big cities but somehow we missed our turnoff and ended up spending three hours on smaller roads but not traveling very far. Turns out some of the autobahn exits were blocked which had a flow on effect on the smaller roads. We'd only just manage to get in to top gear between villages and it was time to change down again for the next village! Frustratingly slow.

We eventually got on to some open roads in glorious countryside heading east. Our plan was to get to Hatzfeld for a sidecar rally but that never eventuated.

Riding through the Biggesee area we were passed by lots of solo bikes. I didn't dare look at Paul
knowing exactly what he was thinking as bike after bike flew past, effortlessly leaning into the hundreds of corners. However, those lustful thoughts soon passed. The sky got darker and darker and before long the sky was throwing us its full fury. We had to pull over as we couldn't even see the road. The storm was short but intense. We were wet through to the skin but there was nothing for it than to keep going and dry out. The trees were now glistening after the rain and the countryside smelt fresh.

We realised we wouldn't make the rally tonight so found an old 'gasthof' in JUNKERNHEES, put the bike in the shed and got settled for the night. It was a good decision as the rain returned and stayed all night.

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