Thursday, September 15, 2011

WEDNESDAY 14th SEPTEMBER 2011 (Dinkelsbuhl)

The day was already planned for us - finish assembling Brunhilda so we can get on the road again. We are almost thinking about the road again...but not quite. We've learnt to take things as they come.

The day was productively spent putting the bike back together. All complete except the sidecar.

Tobi came home from the Black Forest mid-afternoon and Christine came home from work soon after.

It was planned that we would go for a drive to the historic city of DINKELSBUHL to see the walled village, another one not destroyed by the wars.

Stunning. Quite different to Rothenburg but still fascinating.
It is totally surrounded by 15th Century medieval walls and towers.

We enjoyed a home brew in the sunshine and just absorbed the atmosphere of the village.

We then wandered about the streets enclosed within the wall - the buildings and colours are just delightful.

It was near on dark when we left for home, 20 minutes away.

After tea the midnight oil was burnt to get the sidecar on Brunhilda, fire her up and get ready for departure tomorrow. At last, after 10 days we can finally get back on the road.

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  1. Well done herr Dickson,Hope all your work is rewarded by some fun motoring, if not, ship the sidecar home, and weld it onto your MV.