Tuesday, September 6, 2011

THURSDAY 18th AUGUST 2011 (Departing Oz)

It was always going to happen...the blog that is...but we've been taken by surprise at the lack of internet availability in Germany. Now that we are 'stuck' (more on that later) AND we have internet access I have a chance of catching you all up on the news and our whereabouts.

'Twas a great departure from Tassie with friends seeing us off at the airport - making sure we leave I'm sure! Thanks Kate, Rob & Deb for making the time go very quickly.

At Tullamarine we did the usual wonder about to fill in time as we were too early for luggage check in. Just a few minutes prior to checking in we walked up to the Virgin Blue end of the terminal and to our delight discovered a Chang Jiang being used as a technology eye catcher (it worked) to advertise computers. The display was impressive but I only mention this because it's our parting shot from Australia...slightly different to our welcoming shot at Frankfurt!

You have to LOVE the wording on the bottom of the display...


They obviously know something about these bikes that we don't...!!! Hang on...did they mean the computers...???

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