Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SATURDAY 20th AUGUST 2011 (We see ZUNDAPP for first time)

Our early morning start began with a drive around the very foggy Edersee to see why all the motorcycles flock to this area.

Lots of corners and a great surface but there is no room for mistakes. Go wide and you'll either end up on a concrete path, fence or in the bank, neither of which are good options.

We continued our drive north. Once past the Edersee National Park the landscape began to flatten out a little.

We stopped in Brilon to have breakfast and buy a sim card for the mobile phone. Sounds easy but it took us a long time to find one. Was nice to stretch our legs but we are feeling the heat after leaving winter in Tasmania.

The further north we traveled the more excited we became as we were getting closer to seeing our new-old bike for the first time. We soon arrived in the village of Thule (pronounced Toola) and were warmly greeted by Uwe & Beate STUPELER and their two children Lea & Luis. We were ushered to a table and chairs under the shade of a large tree and enjoyed a much needed cold drink. Uwe & Beate lived on the edge of their village and looked out over the corn fields. There was not a blade of grass out of place. Everything is so beautifully clean and neat, something which was obvious everywhere we went. We met Uwe's parents Hendrick & Ingrid who lived in the downstairs level. Most houses have three or four levels - a good utlization of space.

A family friend, Walter HAGEMANN, arrived and he was to act as translator for us. The photo albums came out showing the restoration process. Uwe & Beate were able to speak a little English and they became more proficient as time went on. The more we spoke the more confident they became with speaking English. We could communicate quite well.

We could only contain ourselves for so long. Time to look at the ZUNDAPP. It's always a very special feeling seeing your new baby for the first time. WOW, we weren't disappointed. A little afraid perhaps as she's quite an imposing vehicle. She is a 1942 KS750 and refered to as 'an old lady'.

With Uwe in the drivers seat away he and Paul went to ride through the fields. Paul's face was nearly splitting he was grinning that hard. They soon returned with Paul at the controls.

Uwe, Walter & Paul then discussed many things relating to the Zundapp. Walter had to leave soon after but we were joined by Klaus LOKIETZ, Uwe's best friend.

The barbecue was lit (using charcoal as the heat source) and much food and many Krombacher's (Pils) were consumed till the wee small hours.
A 'mattress warehouse' was made for us which was really great. No encouragement was needed to close the eyes - sleep was still very much needed after the long fight.

We were shown a magazine about German military motorcycles which highlighted the fact that many Zundapps are found shot to pieces.
The fact that any get restored and put back on the road is a credit to those who undertake the expensive restoration process.

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  1. Mr Wes wants to know if the McDonalds is as tasty in Germany as it is in Helensburgh?