Thursday, September 15, 2011

SATURDAY 10th SEPTEMBER 2011 (It's not funny any more!)

Tobi was up early, his mission to finish fixing the tin on to the new shed roof.

I woke feeling great and Paul went to the shed with the purpose of dismantling the gearbox.
It's the little voice in the head that says, if you don't check it, it will break. If you do, it might be okay!

Paul found a collapsed bearing in the diff and the gearbox. On the surface it appeared to be okay. But still, that niggling voice said "I don't trust it".

It's now Saturday, parts can't be ordered till Monday and wont arrive till middle of next week and then the bike has to be reassembled. Another week at least not travelling.
If we order the parts and not all of them arrive then we lose more days. Luckily we don't have a schedule!

Christine & I relocated lots of building materials off the grass then I got busy and mowed the lawns while Tobi finished the shed roof.

It was decided we'd have a barbecue tea and the surrounding neighbours would join us.

I'd have to say the spread is equal to or better than any good Aussie barbecue we've had. Good on ya Tobes & Christine...excellent food.

We met Hans & Simone from up the back, along with their beautiful little girls Lisa & Laura. Next there was Yvonne, Juergen & son Philipp from upstairs. And the family from two doors down consisting of Suzie and kids Shannon, Sean & Megan. We were later joined by dad Frank who is an effervescent character. He'd just returned from a Honda 750/4 rally. A rally just for one model of bike! There are SOOOO many bike events here it makes our head spin.

As the night progressed and the food part was over we moved to the camp fire. It's here we were joined by an Irish Wolfhound called 'Guiness'.

What a beautiful, gentle, old dog.

He belongs to Frank & Suzie.

The evening was perfectly calm and warm. Stories were shared and ale drunk until one by one everyone went to bed.

The stayers lasted till 2.00am!

That was one advantage of being broken down - we got to experience a normal Saturday night at home in down-town Crailshiem.

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