Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FRIDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER 2011 (Pushbike tracks & MV's)

We left the impressive Hotel Mosel OSTERMANN at Lutzbach after our traditional BIG breakfast.

We find the heavy breakfast of bread rolls, meats, cheese, boiled eggs and yoghurt lasts us ALL day.

We looked at our map and picked out a route and rode north to BURGEN before riding over the ridge towards the Rhein River.

It's really beautiful along the Mosel and we'll miss this area but I'm sure there's more good stuff to discover.

The signs to EMMELSHAUSEN were hard to find but eventually we found ourselves winding up through the narrow road in the village. We were wondering how vehicles can pass each other as we were almost touching the buildings on both sides!

As we rode further up the hill the village gave way to steep drop-offs and if anything came the other way there was no-where for us to go! We kept our fingers crossed that we would make it to the top. Eventually the road began to level out and the overhanging trees made it picture perfect.

We were impressed how the local Councils provided bench seats all along the road - taking advantage of the wonderful views overlooking the Mosel River.

Once on the ridge we came to a 'real' road and that's when we discovered we'd just ridden up the bicycle track...!!! That explains the bench seats!

We arrived at ST. GOAR on the Rhein River at midday. The reason for coming here is because we heard about an MV AGUSTA meeting and despite the fact we were supposed to meet up with some friends at the MTR (Motorbike Travellers Rally) this was something we might never get to see again. We knew nothing about the meeting except that it was being held at the RHEINFELS Castle which wasn't hard to find, perched high on the hill overlooking St.Goar.

You just know you're in the right place when a 750S and an 850 Monza go past. At the castle the first thing we see are two banners advertising 'MV Club Deutschland' so we know we are in the right place.
We are impressed by the layout and the smallish display of race MV's and were soon informed that very few people have arrived yet. It is only Friday so presumably most people are on their way.

At the enrolment tent translation was near impossible but we were soon helped out by one of the organiser's. We paid our exorbitant entry fee and hoped it would all be worth it.

Back in the town centre we set about finding some accommodation. It's only a very small village and it seemed most places were booked out but we were lucky enough to find a room in the centre of the village.

We unpacked the bike happy in the knowledge that we will be part of the MV weekend AND have somewhere to stay. But first we had another appointment to keep a little further down the Rhein.

Back to the bike and it's business as usual getting ready to leave. As Paul kick-started the bike it jumped into first gear, and without either of us on the bike it lurched into the nearby wall (luckily the wall was there or who knows where it would've stopped!)

Although upset with the damage to the sidecar we had no time to dwell on it as we needed to get to SPAY where Paul had made arrangement to have a look over the SCHOTTEL Factory.

The ride along the river was just lovely and we soon got over the misery of 'crashing' the bike.

We met with Kurt SCHOLZ who showed us around SCHOTTEL where they make steerable propellers for ships.

Kurt is a lovely man and took great care to show us all there was to see. He really wanted to take us out for caffee & kuchen so it was up to the local biergarten for coffee and apple strudel. It's here Kurt told us much about his life and we grew to like the man very much.

He then took us to a local wine cellar where Paul had the best Riesling he's EVER tasted.

We could've stayed MUCH longer but we needed to get back to St. Goar for the evening MV Agusta function.

It was back on the bike and back along-side the RHEIN River which was just fabulous. I don't think you could ever get sick of riding along that stretch of road.

Back in St. Goar we parked in the only flat area in the village, not wanting to risk the bike jumping out of gear on a hill again, and just then Willie, the local publican, came out and showed much interest in the bike. He offered us a lockable shed to put the bike in which we gratefully accepted.

We feel like we've already had a big day but there was no rest.

We got changed and as we left HOTEL ZUR POST there was much commotion in the street. Boxes of plates were being thrown on the cobblestones and one young lady seemed to be the only one cleaning it up...there was much groaning (and laughter from the onlookers) as each new box of crockery was smashed. This, apparently is preparing the young lady for wedded bliss!

There were a lot of people gathered at the river and it was not hard to tell they were the MV bunch. Just prior to everyone boarding the cruise boat two new MV's were ridden down the road (at hefty revs), into the crowd, down the plank and on to the ship. I couldn't believe my eyes. What's an MV dinner cruise without an MV to look at...!!!

Everyone found a seat and we ended up sitting with two of the guests, Gunther & Andrea and club members Christian & Ilona.

Gunther races in the European Superbikes and is running second in the championship. He has full intention of winning the series and we really enjoyed our evening with them.

Visitors from several countries were announced, including us. We couldn't understand what was said but we could hear the words Tasmania, Australia and Zundapp and we were ushered to the front of the ship to say a few words.
Following a superb meal several people were invited to the front, near the bikes. We knew something unusual was happening but how would you guess that a young fellow was about to receive a brand new MV Agusta Brutale from his parents for his birthday - something of which he had no idea about. It was a great thing to watch unfold.

We got chatting to Siegfried FUERBASS who told us his wife was born in Glenorchy! The world gets smaller! He also had the same MV as Paul so there was much to talk about. As the cruise boat berthed and everyone disembarked the two MV's were ridden off and back up to the castle.

What a fabulous day.

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