Thursday, September 8, 2011

SUNDAY 28th AUGUST 2011 (Waldaubach)

Woke to a nice morning, albeit the odd dark, threatening cloud but no rain eventuated.

You could walk around the Euro-Gespann-Treffen every couple of hours and still be amazed by new sights.

We got chatting to a lovely couple from Yorkshire, Sidecar John & Sidecar Pat, traveling around on a BMW outfit. They were very funny people and we enjoyed their company.

We went to the hall for breakfast. We are impressed with the way the organisers fed about 1500 people.

We were given two hard crusted, fresh bread rolls and then we could help ourselves to meats, cheese, hard-boiled eggs and fruit. Not to mention a hot cuppa. AND...there were seats for everyone.

Before we finished breaky we were joined by Chris and soon after Kevin (from England) & his German wife Kerstin. We chatted and laughed for so long we hadn't even noticed that we were the only people left in the hall.

We figured we better go and pack our tent up and make tracks. People were disappearing at a fast rate and before long there were only a few of us left at the rally site.

We failed to pack in record time as many people came up and talked while we were packing, including John & Pat and Kevin & Kerstin who invited us back to their place for a cuppa. We were heading in their direction so agreed.
And didn't we get a surprise when we learnt that John & Pat were staying with them as well.

Before the last of the bikes left the campground area had almost been cleaned to within an inch of its life.

We hit the road and made our way
to a small rural village called WALDAUBACH (pronounced Veldoba). It was only about an hour-and-a-half from the rally site.

Chris, Kevin & Kerstin.

One happy camper.

Kevin, John, Pat, Kerstin, Paul & Chris

Paul & Chris.

We arrived at Kevin & Kerstin's late in the afternoon.

The old house used to belonged to Kerstin's great grandparents and subsequent generations. The house is still full of some of their old furniture and old, framed, sepia photo's.

We learnt that Kirsten is known as the 'Herb Witch' because she makes all sorts of concoctions.

Kevin is famous for his home brew.
We were soon all around the table having a great old chin-wag, consuming good food and beer with much laughter thrown in for good measure.

Kevin was telling us that EVERYONE in the area has an old bike or tractor in their shed. He then remembered a fellow in the neighbouring village had a few Zundapp's.

It was arranged for us to visit at 8.00pm. The fellow was keen to see our 'old lady'.

We all went to visit with John keen to have a ride in the Zunda sidecar. Rest of us happily squashed in to the car.

That visit was one of the most unexpected surprises we've ever had in our life. There were many, many more Zundapp's than stated. Some remarkable models, dozens of them, and nestled in amongst it all was so much Zundapp paraphernalia. Not to mention the million dollar cars. It was a veritable museum.

We spent a number of hours visiting, trying not to drool on everything - it was hard! The owner of this magnificent collection was most hospitable.

It was nearly midnight when we arrived 'home'. We collectively agreed that our heads hurt as it was almost too much to believe and absorb.

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