Saturday, October 1, 2011

WEDNESDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 2011 (Can it get any worse...???)

Having everything set to go the night before we hit the road at 4.30am.

You see, we're smart...if we get to the Zundapp shop early we can get the motor apart, find the problem(s) and hopefully get her fixed by Friday so we can actually do some road miles (as opposed to trailer miles!).

We arrived at HOMMES shop 10.30am and immediately Josef and Simon began to pull the engine out of the frame. A simple process when you know how.

With the engine removed it was then dismantled with every piece being carefully examined.

Poor Brunhilda looked a bit heartless without her engine.

No, Paul has not been hit by a stun gun...all he's done is watch in dismay as every piece of the engine appeared to be crap.

Simon & Josef were amazed at the damage in a so-called overhauled engine. We'd stopped riding the bike when we suspected problems but we could never be prepared for the condition of the vital parts used to rebuild the engine. They were VERY second-hand and only fit for the scrap bin.

We are amazed the bike ran at all.

The outcome couldn't have been worse.

To summarize, the crankcases and handlebars were okay...!!!

Butchered crankshaft keyway.

Broken cam follower caused by using a 1942 version instead of upgrading to proper steel.

Pitted crankshaft.

Now this is a goody ... connecting rod bearing surfaces worn beyond repair.

It gets better ... dissimilar pistons.

Worn crankshaft gears.

So much for our overhauled and rebuilt Zundapp motor...!!!

We now know we wont be picking the bike up at the end of the week. She needs MAJOR surgery if she's ever to see the road again.

Once again, our plans fly out the window and we need to come up with another idea to ensure we have some kind of holiday.

To say we are gutted would be an understatement but we have been trained (through past experiences) to roll with the punches.
We did everything we could think of to not be put in this position. This just goes to show that despite how careful you are things can still go horribly wrong.

Hmmmm, wonder what we'll do now...???

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