Friday, September 9, 2011

TUESDAY 30th AUGUST 2011 (Too relaxed)

With Kevin at work and Kerstin leaving early for the airport there was no-one to keep a check on us!

Four of us had a v-e-r-y long mid-morning breakfast (the usual boiled eggs, rolls, ham and cheese). It was well after 1.00pm when we finished!
Too much talking.

Well, there goes today's plan's - sort of! We didn't actually have a specific plan but it wasn't hard to convince us to stay another day.

Chris didn't wake up till after midday. He left at 3.00pm for Frankfurt, an easy ride on his new BeeEm.

John, Pat, Paul & I decided to get on our bikes and explore the local villages, get a few groceries and some bread.
We asked for directions to RENNEROD where the shops were (not every village has a shop) and as we were leaving another old man nearly fell out of his car he was waving so hard at us. Turned out to be Kevin on his way home from work. I laughed so much.
He then went and said a quick hello to John & Pat before we were on our way.

Shopping is an interesting experience as nothing is familiar. We have to shop by pictures. We saw all sorts of things we thought we'd like. Next interesting thing is your groceries don't get put in plastic (or paper) bags. Each item gets put back in the trolley and then it's a matter of transferring each item to the sidecars which wasn't a problem at all.

We then went back to the small village called REHE where there was a bakery.
One fellow driving in the opposite direction pulled in behind us to look at 'Brunhilda'. Turns out he has a Zundapp 800 at home. At least that's what we think he said. We can't believe it. For a bike that is not that common everyone seems to have one in their shed!

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