Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WEDNESDAY 5th OCTOBER 2011 (Game plan changes again...)

Just when we think everything is sorted out the game plan changes again.

After phoning HOMMES shop once again with today's theory about why the sidecar is grabbing they suggested we take the bike back to Kamphausen as they are not happy for us to leave Germany with the bike not totally correct. A tempting offer. They even offered to come and pick it up.

Paul discovered yesterday after a late afternoon test ride that the sidecar drive is locking up with the rear wheel and not allowing the bike to turn. Following this discovery there appears to be a problem with the drive-train.

We had our plans set - make the crate, pack the bike and get it picked up in a few days - but now this offer has confused us.

We went for a long walk to figure out our best move - this is worse than a game of chess...!!!

We decided to run with HOMMES' offer and it was arranged to borrow Rudi & Ulla's Pontiac Transport once again (that's them in the photo above). Now all we have to do is return all the timber and planking we bought yesterday. Nothing seems easy at the moment.

We ended the day with the bike on the trailer, our gear sorted as to what will be travelling home in the sidecar and what we can take in our backpacks.

We feel happy with the new arrangements...all except another long trip on the autobahn, but thems the breaks.

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