Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SUNDAY 2nd OCTOBER (Birthday celebrations & Nurnberg)

A casual breakfast was held in shifts as everyone woke up at different times.

We then all left for NUSCHELBERG for a celebratory lunch for Manfred's birthday (which was back in July). This is the first opportunity since July that all the family could get together to celebrate.

There were ten orders of Schauferle & Knoerdel placed and within minutes this huge plate of meat and potato appeared. Despite the lack of colour on the plate it was one of the most delicious meals we've ever eaten in our entire life. Sensational.

The 'Gasthaus Hallerschlosschen' was booked out in shifts for the lunch period and we had to be gone by 1.30 pm for the next lot to arrive and eat. There was no problem with that as we started at 11.30 a.m.

Here's Kerry, Paul, Tobi, Christine, Mark, Tanja, Manfred, Katharina, Martin & Connie.

I'm surprised we're not all doubled-up following that huge meal. No wonder bookings are essential, the food excellent, the setting excellent and the service excellent.

Then, to our amazement, it was back to Schnaittach for cake and coffee...!!! We couldn't even fit a crumb in let alone the HUGE portions of cake dished out, with cream and coffee.

Tobi & Christine then left on their bikes to go camping for the next two days. We watched with a sunken feeling as they rode off in the glorious afternoon autumn weather.

Once everyone left we followed Manfred & Katharina to NURNBERG to have a personal tour of the city.

Once again the old city zentrum is wonderful, like the other cities we've seen.
Nurnberg dates back to the 11th Century and became a wealthy city being perfectly positioned on the trade routes from Italy.

Because Nurnberg is positioned in the centre of Germany the Nazi party chose the city to be the site of huge Nazi party conventions and these were held annually from 1927 - 1938.

During WW2, because of the Nazi military production works there, Nurnberg was systematically bombed and about 90% of it was destroyed in one hour.

Despite the intense destruction the city was rebuilt after the war and was to some extent restored back to it's pre-war appearance including the reconstruction of some of its medieval buildings.

The church buildings are always magnificent architectural splendours that just demand to be stared at for hours.
We saw the harvest offerings in one church with the farmers being grateful for a bumper season.

There was an active market in the middle square which was colour-filled as all the sellers had red and white striped tents.

We found this elaborate iron-wrought fence with a one-piece gold ring looped in through the ironwork. Apparently if you turn it three tines and make a wish it will come true.

Wonder what Paul could be possibly wishing for...???

AND his fingers are crossed.

It must be a serious wish.

From here we walked up the hill towards the fortified castle at the top.

Like many cities, it had a wall surrounding it. There are still large sections standing and many towers but it is no longer a complete structure.

The view back down the street was lovely in the dimming light.

We walked up to the fort and from there we had a great a view over the city.

All the rooves are red which is a deliberate decision made by the city fathers.

One of Hitler's main buildings was pointed out - it had survived the bombings.

This building was proudly pointed out as being Albrecht Durer's house, a very famous native Nurnbergian who mapped the northern and southern hemisphere stars.

We hid the fact that we'd never heard of him...!!!

Here's another part of the fortified wall in the city.

We wandered down the steep, narrow tracks to the city centre and settled in for a parting drink before we waved our goodbye's to Manfred & Katharina.

A great day out - and, you'll be surprised to learn, still full from lunch...!!!
It was then a late night drive back to Crailshiem for us.

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