Monday, October 3, 2011

SATURDAY 24th SEPTEMBER 2011 (Silverstone & Buckingham)

Cats are the same the world over!
This little princess was definitely in charge. She'd comfortably spread out under the doona while Paul & I layed on a narrow section on either side of the bed!

She is the only cat I've ever met that is so nonchalant and totally in charge of everything around her.

You couldn't help but respect her wishes.

We left Paul & Maggie's late morning. We were all meeting up again at Silverstone later in the day.

All we had to do is negotiate the heavy traffic on the M25. This was regarded as the better way to go...hhmmm...would hate to see the busier road!

We drove by Heathrow Airport and were kept busy counting the number of planes taking off. A busy place.

We finally arrived at Nick's and settled in for an afternoon of chatter.

Smarty & Maggie went off to the race-track. We would meet up with them later in the evening.

It wasn't long before it was decided that the 'local' would be a good place to visit.

Here's Nick & Paul out front of the 'White Horse'. They could hardly wait to get a pint down their throats.
It was a busy place and a true English Pub. Lovely to listen to the Pommie accent and see all the colourful taps indicating a great variety of ales on offer.

Of course the local Silverstone Pub would not be complete without a motorcycle inside.

This one was made by John SIMM (frame and all) and ridden by Michael DUNLOP at the Manx Classic.

Paul was nominated to drive to Buckingham for the evening meal. Being in a French car on narrow English lanes, with the steering wheel on the left and driving on the left, meant there was an occasional yelp from the front seat passenger when it was hard to negotiate the road. Smarty worked out the order of who would be killed first! Not necessarily a good conversation for the driver to overhear...!!!

The driving couldn't have been too bad as there was a fair bit of laughter thrown in to the mix.

Nick had chosen a fantastic Italian restaurant at Buckingham, PREGO's. Can highly recommend - the food was great.

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