Wednesday, October 5, 2011

TUESDAY 4th OCTOBER 2011 (Timber for bike crate)

Despite plenty of other suggestions Paul has never given up on Brunhilda.

Maybe it's because we've named her...we now feel responsible for her welfare. We do want her to be right.

Our time in Europe is running out and a plan was formulated as to how to finish off all this business.

During the afternoon we went to the hardware store to buy the timber to build a bike crate for shipping.

I fancy Paul took a liking to this goods carrier as a preferred mode of transport...!!!

Measurements had been taken, plans drawn and the required timber and planking were purchased and taken to Tobi's parents place at WILDENHOLZ where the crate will be built.

At least we know what our plans are for the next few days so there's now a purposeful strut in our step once again.

It was off to the 'Golden Nugget' for tea. Not too bad either.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. First it was the good's trolley and now it's this saddle seat.

Think we're losing it...!!!

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