Monday, October 3, 2011

FRIDAY 30th SEPTEMBER (Same, same but different)

Today's the day.
We pick up our newly rebuilt Zundapp KS-750 and all will be well.

We've worked out we still have time to cover some distance and see some new areas before we have to fly home. We are excited that all is not lost.

We arrived at Kamphausen to find Brunhilda sitting out in the sun (that has to be a good sign right?) and met up with Simon & Josef.
We also met another known character, Udo, who has four of these bikes. There's no slash marks on his wrists so we'll take that as a good sign as well.

We were told there's some good news...and some bad news...!!!
Shit, now what? It's like we didn't even hear the first part of that sentence!

The motor is running well (as you would expect) but now the sidecar is lurching or grabbing at around 50kph. It might settle, it might not.

Simon & Josef were finishing work early today and with a public holiday on Monday we didn't really want to wait in the area for another four days.

We loaded Brunhilda on to the trailer, with the decision made that Paul would check out the sidecar drive when we get 'home'.

We bid our farewell to Udo, Simon & Josef (pictured) and hit the road.
We were in for a l-o-n-g drive.

It's a bit sad when I have to say the bike has done more miles on the trailer now than on the road...!!!

We want to make her right and then, I'm sure, she'll serve us well.

The drive home was worse than we could imagine. The traffic was grid-locked nearly all the way.

It took us eight hours to do what should take five to six hours.

We learnt that everyone who works in Germany and lives in the Eastern block countries uses THIS road to drive home on Friday nights...!!!

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