Monday, October 3, 2011

SUNDAY 25th SEPTEMBER 2011 (Superbikes at Silverstone)

Our morning was not rushed.
There was no need.
We woke to the sound of the Superbikes doing their practice laps, not surprising seeing as were staying across the field from the track.

From the front yard we watched two stunt planes perform their acrobatics. It looked so dangerous with many near misses...hopefully it was the angle we were watching from! The wind was quite strong so I was surprised the pilots could perform at all. None-the-less, it was a great show.

Paul, Nick & I met Smarty at the entrance. I asked him if that was the new 2012, as yet unveiled, race bike he was getting about on?

We checked out the pit area and could wander through all the areas we thought might be closed to the public. But not here - all areas were open.

Ducati had a trade stand set up with the new models on display for people to sit on. The new Diavel (meaning Devil) seems popular. The UK are selling all they can get.

Here's Nick trying out the beast, a far cry from his sporty Tuono. Somehow I don't see him or Paul lining up to get one!

We all met at Grandstand B to watch the first of the Superbike races. The track is 6 kilometers long which seems to make each lap a very l-o-n-g one.  Because the track is large and flat it is woeful for viewing. We are spoilt having Phillip Island as our International racetrack. It is classed as one of the best, if not the best, in the world.

There was some good dicing and maneuvering and one fellow graciously departed the track and tumbled across the run-off area causing a bit of excitement for us.

We were of course barracking for Scott, Smarty's son. He already has a successful race career behind him and made it to the podium on the day.

Between the races we wandered about checking out the various entertainments and had a bite to eat. Must say the catering at the track was pretty good. The noodle 'shop' was popular as was the baguette van. Of course, there was the usual crappy stuff you'd expect to see as well.

We were quite taken with the set-up where people could learn to do mono's. A skill that, I'm sure, could be quite handy in every day riding!

Before the next race we positioned ourselves near the start line to watch the race. It was VERY windy and Paul & Nick almost had trouble keeping the beer in their cups. That's why it had to be drunk quickly...that's what they told me anyway!

We had a reasonable view of the bikes during this race, especially as they entered that first fast corner.

We couldn't see Scott at all but learnt later that he felt vibration in the bike (Ducati) and pulled out before it blew up!  Sounded like he'd had experience with this before!

Before leaving the track we caught up with Scott, Paul & Maggie.

The 'racing' group are like one big family which you'd expect I guess when they travel from circuit to circuit, year in, year out.

Paul & Maggie are known as 'The First Family of Racing'. They have the scores on the board and the heritage in their genes.

Following a day at the race-track we all met once again at the 'White Horse' in the small village of SILVERSTONE.

All the fellows gravitated to the racing Suzuki in the corner and Mags and I chatted at the bar.

It only took seconds before Smarty had his leg over the bike. It was good to see the hearty, deep discussion going on but it was soon time to leave.

It was decided we'd all go to Stoke Bruerne for an Indian night. The restaurant (Spice of Bruerne) sits on the edge of the canal. Even though it was dark when we arrived it still looked  lovely.

John, Smarty, Nick & Paul at the White Horse.

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