Friday, October 7, 2011

THURSDAY 6th SEPTEMBER 2011 (Autobahn 6 and 61)

Okay, things are on the go. We have a busy day ahead of us.

Our first job was to load the timber back in to the car and on the trailer and return it to OBI, the hardware shop. We were able to get a full refund...after we repacked the timber back on the shelves!

Then it was back home to secure the bike on the trailer before heading off on our weekly trip to Kamphausen on Autobahn 6 and 61. Another 6 hour drive!

Half way along the heavens opened up and it bucketed down. We've experienced this before and within seconds visibility is reduced to almost zero.

Once at Kamphausen, Brunhilda was put through her paces to identify the problem. The problem wasn't diagnosed and so we said our goodbyes to the bike and left her in Peter, Simon & Josef's care.

Our intention was to drive part-way back 'home' but the road was quiet and so we decided to keep going. We have no intentions of getting caught in the Friday traffic like we did last week.

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