Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SATURDAY 1st OCTOBER 2011 (Suppenfest & Schnaittach)

We needed to get three people together at the same time today...one from Germany, one from Tassie and us. Considering we live in opposite time zones this was not necessarily an easy task.
However, we did manage it and got some bike correspondence transferred from the home computer to Germany. Thanks Steve & Jaxterino for your help.

Then we were off in the blink of an eye to the Annual Crailsheim Suppenfest where soups of the world are there for all to taste...that's if you get there in time...which we didn't. Bummer.

So, instead of soup, this is what Paul had for lunch. Can you guess what it is?
For those who guessed it's Paul's brain trying to solve Zundapp problems, you're nearly right, but not quite. Try again.

The afternoon spun by too quickly and with Tobi & Christine leaving on their bikes for the long weekend we felt completely deflated.

This is just NOT right. It's supposed to be US leaving their place on OUR bike.

She (Brunhilda) still eludes us...(sad face).

We had a little time up our sleeves before we had to leave for Schnaittach. It was a beautiful afternoon but we've had one too many without our bike. Getting a bit hard to take now.

We waved Tobi & Christine off with the plan of meeting up at Schnaittach in the evening.

We drove Christine's car up.

On the way we stopped at the supermarket to get a few supplies for the weekend and I had a chuckle when I saw this little kid.

I reckon he's planning to leave home soon...!!!

We arrived at SCHNAITTACH, about 30kms east of Nurnberg, to Manfred & Katharina HUTH's, Christine's parents.
We were made very welcome. They are lovely people and as we were warned Katharina cooked up a storm.

Extended family were also there, and later in the evening Christine's brother Martin, and girlfriend Connie arrived. They've recently returned from Ethiopia and Kenya.

Late in the night we had a slide show of their travels. Ethiopa amazed us. Someone forgot to tell the world how that country is progressing. It's green, productive and far from the famine days that were played on TV all those years ago.

Another late night with a very full tummy to take to bed.

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