Friday, October 7, 2011

SATURDAY 8th OCTOBER 2011 (Veterama)

Paul got a lift with Tobi to Europcar to hire a car for the next four days. Now we are bike free we can actually go and do some 'holiday' things.

We heard about VETERAMA on our first day out and here we are, nearly at the end of our battle (I mean 'holiday') and on our way to Europe's largest swap meet. Paul couldn't get there quick enough.

As we approached Mannheim there were acres and acres of cars and vans parked up. All we had to do is work out the maze of roads of how to get in there!

We paid 18 Euro each to enter which gave us tickets for both days - we thought that good value.

We LOVED the very first stall...and the next...and the next...and the next. To save typing it would be easy to say the next 12,000 stalls were all pretty good.

The Saturday event closed at 6.00 p.m.
and we walked up and down and around right up to closing time.

I'm certain Paul looked in and under every single stall and tarp looking for that elusive bargain.

He did manage to find a few little bits'n'peices he wanted for various bikes and that made him happy. I enjoyed watching all the people, young and old doing the same.

There was a never-ending line of old second-hand bikes. We are astounded just how many un-restored bikes are still in existence. It was good to see. Some of them even looked like they would go without any restoration process.

I amused myself by guessing what country the stall-holder came from. It was easy to pick the Germans, Dutch, French, English, Polish and Italians.

There were dozens and dozens of bikes we'd never heard of before. I think mainly French. A few Italian unknown's in there as well.

Today was the first time ever I've flattened a large camera battery in a few hours. There was sooooo much to photograph. I was 'almost' sick of taking photo's but I hung in there...just.

Despite a valiant effort we only managed to see half of Veterama. And that was ALL motorcycle stalls.

Here's a selection of photo's so you can get an idea of what it was like.

We made our way into the city of Mannheim and stayed at the Central Hotel. It was well situated to enjoy the night lights of the city.

We ate at a recommended Italian Restaurant called 'Frenks'. After asking directions about eight times we eventually found it and enjoyed the meal. The service was excellent.

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